ACC Baltimore show this weekend!

This year we have a grand booth at the American Craft Council’s premier fine craft market in the Baltimore Convention Center. If you’re in the area, please stop by and see us in Booth 813 this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday! (If not, tell your friends and send them by!)

This year we are showing our work in all scales from jewelry to vases and candlesticks, to end tables and art for the wall. We don’t show our jewelry on the east coast very often, so come see it while you can.

The show is open from 10-8 Friday, 10-6 Saturday, and 11-5 Sunday. We hope to see you!

Manna Gallery: Balance in Asymmetry

In its previous format, this blog was called “Balance in Asymmetry,” because that is one of the main elements of David’s design philosophy. When we were invited to show our wallpieces and sculpture at Manna Gallery this month, this name came to mind as a title for our show.

Manna Gallery is located at 473 25th Street, at the heart of Oakland Art Murmur territory. They are a small, artist-owned gallery specializing in local abstract artists in all media. The gallery is open 12-5 Fridays and Saturdays, plus 5-9pm First Fridays for Art Murmur, and 6-8pm Third Thursdays for the 25th Street Art Walk, as well as by appointment.

Our show will run from Thursday the 16th of February to Saturday the 25th of March, with a reception on Saturday the 4th, from 2-4pm. We will be back from ACC Baltimore and in attendance on the 4th, and we hope to see you!

You can see a preview of the wallpieces showing at Manna Gallery (and all our other wallpieces) on our website,

Wallpiece of the new year

Just completed our first wallpiece commission of the year, wallpiece 17.01:

ALL the clocks


To round out the year we had a nice surprise order for a very large set of desk clocks, to be given out to all the employees of a small company based nearby (but employing people around the country). The clients were a pleasure to deal with, and it turns out they found out about us because of the recent feature in Diablo Magazine. We hurried to get out such a large order before Christmas, all neatly packaged, ready to add to gift boxes with goodies from another small company, but still took the time to photograph them. Since they were gifts primarily for employees, we asked if they would like to have every clock different, and they were happy with the idea. This gave us the chance to create clocks of every single one of our ordinary patinas, plus iterate through virtually every reasonable version of the square-in-square patinas, and have them all available at once for photography.

The next step will be to make an online ordering system for these like the one we recently launched for round vases. But that may take a while, especially with continued construction on the studio, and preparation for a big year at ACC Baltimore in February.


Diablo Magazine feature

David’s classic – and still best-selling – Round Vase design was chosen by the editors of Diablo Magazine to feature in their December issue’s showcase of local East Bay artists.

Handmade round vases in patinaed brass

Round vases – very large (12″) white ochre, sorta large (9″) silver brown, large (6.5″) dark green, medium (5.5″) mottle, extra-small (3.5″) distressed black ochre. Photo: James Carrière

We have just made it possible to order Round Vases direct from us via the website. Click here to order! The page still needs work, and we’d be happy to hear feedback on it, but it does function!

Farmers Market Saturday!

Tomorrow, Saturday the 12th we’ll be out at the Grand Lake Farmers Market showing our jewelry, vases, and candlesticks.

We’re scheduled for just two appearances this November and none in December (so far), but tomorrow promises to be a pleasant day out; our later appearances might always be cancelled by rain, so come see us sooner rather than later, and buy local for the holidays!

The Farmers Market runs from 9am-2pm across the street from Oakland’s Grand Lake Theatre, and features ten or twelve artisans on a rotating basis, along with dozens of produce stalls and booths of great prepared food. It’s one of the best Farmers Markets around.

We hope to see you there!

Grand Lake Farmers Market

Studio progress: Windows are all in

We’re so far behind on updates on the studio building progress that I’m not going to delay any longer hoping to post updates in order. When I have access to the photos of earlier progress I’ll put up some retrospective studio build posts.

Last week we finished the siding, except for trim, and last week and this week we have been putting in windows, using ladder jacks to make a mini scaffold for raising the high windows.

Just finished putting the last of the trim on the last of the windows. We still have more spackling and priming to do, and we have to put up corner trim.

Finishing the siding:



Cutting and assembling a tiny fiddly bit of trim for the corners between upper and lower roof. This is one of the reasons all this finish work takes so long.


Putting in the upstairs windows, using ladder jacks to make a simple scaffold. We still have our huge mobile scaffold inside the building.



All our windows are salvaged from older houses via Urban Ore. This pair was probably the first ones we bought, because they’re beautiful craftsman style windows, a matched set. They are down at ground level on the North wall, one near the front door, the other in what will be the hammering room.


David has worked a long time on cleaning and repairing these and building their jambs, but there’s always a last-minute adjustment to be done with planes and chisels.


But the results are gorgeous:



All the lintels for the windows are salvaged redwood siding. The inspectors won’t let us use salvaged wood for anything structural, but siding is fine. And old siding is just a little thicker than new, for a perfect craftsman look. Of course, this was salvaged from some very old working building, where it had old square cut-nails, and every generation of nail and staple since, so there is a LOT of filling to do.






What a weekend! It all starts tomorrow.

This weekend there are three events coming up for anyone who follows us and loves our work.

Our joint show at the Moraga Art Gallery titled “Creative Contrasts” (already announced to our mailing list) has just opened, and the Opening Reception will be held this Saturday 5-7pm. Moraga Art Gallery is a small cooperative gallery run by a group of sixteen member artists and craftspeople. It hosts shows featuring a member artist along with a guest artist several times a year. Members approached us about being guest artists in a show running for the next two months, along with watercolorist George Ehrenhaft. We are honored to participate and to bring a new medium to their lovely gallery. Moraga Art Gallery is located at 522 Center Street in Moraga. Normal hours are noon to 5pm, Wednesday to Sunday. The reception is 5 to 7 pm Saturday the 20th of August. 925 376-5407.

Saturday during the day we will be exhibiting for our one appearance this month at the Grand Lake Farmers Market, in the park in front of Oakland’s Grand Lake Theatre. It’s the season for great tomatoes, corn, and patinaed earrings! Grand Lake Farmers market is open every Saturday from 9-2 year round. We only attend about once a month during the dryer months.

On top of all that, ACCI Gallery’s much anticipated annual Seconds Sale starts tomorrow, Friday the 19th! Every year the gallery’s 100+ member artists bring in their prototypes, older work, and seconds for this pop-up sale, which many customers look forward to all year long. There is work in all media, at astonishingly low prices. Bring a bag and expect a crowd. Cash and checks are preferred, but cards are accepted. We will be offering some seconds of modular wallpieces, vases, and jewelry, as well as candlesticks and vases and a lot of older jewelry dating to the late 1970s and early 1980s, some of it at prices that wouldn’t have been out of place back then. ACCI Gallery is located at 1652 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley, and is open 11am-6pm Monday-Saturday, noon-5pm Sunday. The Seconds Sale runs from 19-21 August, from 11am-6pm Friday and Saturday, noon-5pm Sunday. 510 843-2527.

We hope to see you at one or more of these events – maybe, if you’re dedicated, all three!

A few of the older pieces we’re offering at the Seconds Sale:

ACCI Seconds Sale teaser 2016


Getting ready for ACC

The American Craft Council‘s American Craft Show in San Francisco is our main west coast event each year, and it’s coming up this weekend!

We skipped last year because of building work the studio and other commitments, but we figured we couldn’t skip it twice in a row, despite the fact we can’t show our jewelry there. We have a small booth this year, and because of new fire regs we will not be building our traditional ‘house’ of a booth, so we have had to scramble to figure out a new booth. We are borrowing some ProPanels from a friend this time, and are working on figuring out how to make them work for our wallpieces. ProPanels are nice, mostly easy to use, and provide a plainer background than our normal booth, which is both good and bad. But it will be an interesting experience to have a very different booth to showcase our wallpieces, vases, clocks, and tables.

Though they’re quite easy to work with, we set up our booth in advance to figure out our issues with this new style. Here it is in our nearly built studio:

2016-07-18 17.56.43

2016-07-18 18.01.26

2016-08-02 18.17.11

2016-08-02 18.27.42

The American Craft Show in San Francisco takes place in Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason this Friday and Saturday 10am-6pm, and Sunday 11am-5pm. Tickets are $14 at the door, $12 if purchased online. We are in booth 603, right near the front on the left side of the hall as you come in. We hope to see you there!

A low relief wall sculpture of of sweeping curves in patinaed brass

Wallpiece RCB 16.02
Reed’s newest piece

Pesky orders!

In between preparing for our biggest local show of the year, ACC San Francisco, which starts in just nine days, we’re still plugging away at finishing the siding on the studio, hoping we can finish it and get on to putting in doors and windows.

Of course we still have a business to run. David and I were both up ladders working on siding today when an order for buckles came in. David didn’t have enough hands so I copied down the order on a bit of siding before we got back to work.

order on ladder

order on siding

And then it was almost time for lunch, and after that heading over to the temporary studio to send a package and work on booth fittings and another vase for another order. But at least we finished siding to the top of the garage wall.

top of the garage wall