Etsy shop is up online

I’ve relaunched our Etsy shop with a few items, including some of our rarely seen Anodized Aluminum jewelry. More will come.
Check it out!


More new silver jewelry

Mostly what we want to do in jewelry is experiment with our new range of foldforming techniques, and use our range of patina colors to brighten up jewelry using colors essentially native to the metals, taking the place of stones and such, without going all the way to the inclusion of textiles, plastics, or polymer clay. Here are two very simple bracelets lined in silver, but with copper bands with two different patinas. 2 silver lined flat patinaed bracelets - lg

We’re doing some jewelry in silver by itself as well, using foldforming techniques. But the best part of creation is often when you get halfway to what you’re intending to make, find something new coming up, and go in that direction. That’s what happened here:
fourfold wings - silver pendant - lg

New Double Quarto pins on Artfire

This is my newest design, the Double Quarto pin. It gives some of the feel of a book, or of origami, but it is less representational than our Book Pins. I’ve just listed a set of these for sale on


Been making bracelets

We have been making more bracelets to have a good selection for a shop’s order. I haven’t done many Tribal bracelets before, so I have been enjoying trying them out.

Ten tribal bracelets

The Tribal Bracelet is the freest of our foldformed bracelet styles. Tribal bracelets have a bolder style and larger visual presence than most of our other designs, and tend to be heavier, as well. They are rougher and less precise than some of our other styles, and tend to use more surface texture. But most important, they are a chance for us to play, unconstrained by any precise model. They are therefore much more distinct, one from the next, than our other styles. Above is a mixture of David’s and my pieces. Below are three of the ones I made last week.




New double-quarto pin

I’ve been working with my Quarto earring design, and realized I could make a pin out of a matched pair of earrings. I think they work quite well.


New photos of foldformed bracelets

I’ve been taking some new pictures of foldformed bracelets to show the range of colors available.

Tribal Bracelets


We call these bold and primitive looking foldformed copper bracelets the ‘tribal bracelets’. The red and brown colors come from simply heating the metal. Other colors are hot torch technique patinas applied to the surface. You can find more info about our patinas at our web site.

Earrings available on Artfire


We've just started listing on To begin with, we're trying out a few of our classic patinaed earrings there. Since we make only a few of each style at a time, we don't usually offer specific styles for sale over the internet. This time, though, we've made ten pairs in this style, and will offer them for sale there. More styles will follow in the near future.

Sinuous pinchform bracelet

I’m calling this style of foldforming pinchforming. Here’s my first bracelet using the new style.

A foldform jewelry set for Dad


A spine bracelet, a spine pendant and a pair of rumple earrings in foldformed red copper.