Belt Buckles. Did you know we make belt buckles?

photo of a brass belt buckle depicting a topsail schooner sailboat

Older belt buckle with a more intricate boat – a topsail schooner

photo of a brass belt buckle depicting a leafless tree

Rectangular tree belt buckle.

Apart from a mention on the About the Studio page, we haven’t shown our belt buckles on the website, but I’ve just made up a couple of pages about them. More will be added soon. But yes, David has been making brass belt buckles since 1974, when he first got the oxyacetylene torch, and though their heyday was in the late ’70s and early ’80s, they have remained popular and we’ve continued to make them for our remaining leatherworkers. In fact, in the last six or eight years, they came back into style in a big way for a while, and our leatherworkers were ordering more steadily than they had for decades. Now a new generation is getting into leatherwork and we recently had a query from an old leathercraft shop now under new ownership – Paul Taylor Sandals of Asheville, NC – and have had other queries about them through our etsy shop recently, so we figured it was time to put more information on them online.

We intend to get more pictures on the page about older buckles, in case people find us by looking for information on a buckle they bought years ago, or inherited, or found at a vintage shop, or whatever. As always, we appreciate feedback on our pages, and of course we would love to hear from you if you have one of our belt buckles from long ago.

photo of a brass belt buckle depicting a musical eighth note

Eighth note belt buckle

photo of brass belt buckle depicting a sailboat with spinnaker sail

Boat buckle with spinnaker

photo of a brass belt buckle depicting a sunset over a line of hills

Sunset – a classic style we no longer make

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    • Hi Mike – Sorry for the ridiculously late reply. Comments here come almost exclusively from bots, so we miss the few that come through from real people. As you can see on our belt buckles page Tree buckles cost $36 for 1″ and 1¼”, and $44 for 1½” and 1¾”

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