Reception Saturday 2-4 at Manna Gallery in Oakland

We announced the beginning of our show at Manna Gallery in Oakland a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps you have even had a chance to stop by the gallery already. The opening reception is scheduled for this Saturday, 4 March, 2-4pm. We will be there to meet you all, and we hope you have the time to drop by and see us and our work in this lovely gallery space at the heart of Oakland’s 25th Street arts district.

Manna Gallery is located at 473 25th Street in Oakland, between Telegraph and Broadway. It is an artist-owned gallery featuring work by local artists working in all media, primarily doing abstract work. The gallery is open Fridays and Saturdays noon to 5, plus First Fridays 5-9pm for Art Murmur, and Third Thursdays 6-8pm for the 25th Street Art Walk. They are also open by appointment, and can be reached at (510) 282-2335, or via their facebook page or their website,

Our show is titled “Balance in Asymmetry,” which is one of the bases of David’s design philosophy. The pieces presented are mostly our wall sculptures – some David’s, some Reed’s, and one collaborative design, as well as some free-standing sculptures, representing several aspects of our larger work over the past ten years. All the work is made of brass and copper, colored with sculptural patinas. If most of what you have seen of our work has been smaller items such as vases and jewelry, you really should come to see this more extensive display of our larger artwork. The event’s facebook page is here.

If you’re looking for artwork for a particular space, come down and see what we’re showing, but also talk to us! We’re always happy to design new pieces to fit in particular spaces. We’ll be at the gallery for the reception on Saturday, but you can also reach us at this email address or at (510) 845-1072, or through our extensive website, You can also follow us on our facebook page.

We hope you can take the time to come see us at our reception Saturday afternoon! Come down, and bring friends, or send them along, whether to the reception or the gallery’s ordinary open hours.

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