Last and first things

At the beginning of May we finally completed our move out of American Steel Studios. We’re still far from done with all the things we need to do to properly move into our studio, so things are not really in order for work yet, but we are getting some work done.

Though we’ve been doing a bunch of work here for a while, and David has made a lot of buckles almost exclusively on the new premises in the last few months, the first large piece completed in the new space was a table, made for on order for a customer through Artful Home.

pedestal table #27 with red patchwork copper sides

As it happens, another, larger table, of a new style (within the same basic design) was the last large piece we completed at American Steel, this one for a friend and fellow artist. It has a new style of top, a multi-piece front, and is a different proportion, being a 36-inch high, 12-inch deep console table for the owner’s front hall. I think it came out rather well.

Console Table #1

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