Slab vase with square-in-square patina

With few exceptions, we tend to patina our vases one solid color. Earlier this year, one of our gallery owners, Brian Farrell of Milward Farrell Fine Art was looking at our modular wallpieces and requested one of our slab vases with the square-in-square pattern usually used only on the modular wallpiece panels. We instantly agreed this would be a good idea, and this is the result. We will offer these in future in different patterns of patina colors within the square-in-square style.

One thought on “Slab vase with square-in-square patina

  1. The square-in-square patina made me imagine a square slab vase, somehow; I was only seeing the top of the vase when the post showed up in my Google Reader, so it looked plausible that it was square until I scrolled down. I like this style a lot. 🙂 I think it would look even better on a square vase. Or, even, as a rectangle-on-rectangle; not necessarily all the way down, but with the white patina area just a tad longer.Is the colour close to true? Is it brown on white? Looks like a gorgeous burnt orange on my screen.

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