Large wallpiece installation

I spent the middle of my year, after our studio move was more or less complete, building a wallpiece commissioned through G.J. Cloninger and Co. for installation in a common room in a luxury East Coast apartment complex. We began discussions for this commission late last year, and I started real design work in the Spring. The piece was installed at the end of August by Level Art Installations of Annapolis, Maryland.

Wallpiece RCB 18.01 in place – photo by Level Art Installations – Annapolis, MD

Closeups of the bundled tubes and rods:

This piece was a departure from our normal work in many ways. Though it was inspired by a tiny wallpiece I made several years ago, RCB 11.03, the scale of the piece, and the relative flatness required in public spaces due to ADA restrictions, required a bunch of new thinking for its engineering and construction.

wallpiece RCB 11.03 (12in diameter)

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