New flower sconce

I’ve just created a new style of flower sconce – or wall-hanging flower vase. New flower sconce with hibiscus

Unlike my original – and still popular – folded flower sconces, this one is all curved lines, and was inspired by the drawings I did leading up to my wallpieces RCB 11.01, RCB 11.02, and especially RCB 11.04

A full set of antique blue lens vases


I just made a full set of lens vases in the color we call antique blue. Antique blue contains ultramarine pigment – the only pigment we use in any of our patinas – in a copper nitrate base. Ultramarine pigment was once derived from grinding up lapis lazuli, and the look of the patina – especially in this set of vases – reflects that origin. This set of vases is on its way to Mowen Solinsky Gallery.