Been making bracelets

We have been making more bracelets to have a good selection for a shop’s order. I haven’t done many Tribal bracelets before, so I have been enjoying trying them out.

Ten tribal bracelets

The Tribal Bracelet is the freest of our foldformed bracelet styles. Tribal bracelets have a bolder style and larger visual presence than most of our other designs, and tend to be heavier, as well. They are rougher and less precise than some of our other styles, and tend to use more surface texture. But most important, they are a chance for us to play, unconstrained by any precise model. They are therefore much more distinct, one from the next, than our other styles. Above is a mixture of David’s and my pieces. Below are three of the ones I made last week.




New photos of foldformed bracelets

I’ve been taking some new pictures of foldformed bracelets to show the range of colors available.

Tribal Bracelets


We call these bold and primitive looking foldformed copper bracelets the ‘tribal bracelets’. The red and brown colors come from simply heating the metal. Other colors are hot torch technique patinas applied to the surface. You can find more info about our patinas at our web site.

Sinuous pinchform bracelet

I’m calling this style of foldforming pinchforming. Here’s my first bracelet using the new style.

Four African Bracelets

I made four of the African bracelets today – two brass and two copper in a variety of patinas. This is a start on stock for the ACC show in Baltimore in February where we'll get to show all of our work for a change!

A new bracelet style

A sheet of chaotically creaseformed copper David made some weeks ago gave me the idea for these bracelets. One is backed with silver, the other with brass. Future versions may use vermeil (silver with a layer of gold) for the backing. See more of our bracelets on our website.

Another take on the new bracelet style

Here’s my version. There is a little bit of silver flowed along the longitudinal ridge. It is oxidized grey for the most part, but minimally polished at the peak of the ridge.

New foldformed bracelet styles

We don’t have a name for this style yet. David came up with this one a few days ago. My variant on it will follow soon.