New Double Quarto pins on Artfire

This is my newest design, the Double Quarto pin. It gives some of the feel of a book, or of origami, but it is less representational than our Book Pins. I’ve just listed a set of these for sale on


New double-quarto pin

I’ve been working with my Quarto earring design, and realized I could make a pin out of a matched pair of earrings. I think they work quite well.


Baltimore ACC Show


We’re all set up and ready for three days of retail in Baltimore.

Earrings available on Artfire


We've just started listing on To begin with, we're trying out a few of our classic patinaed earrings there. Since we make only a few of each style at a time, we don't usually offer specific styles for sale over the internet. This time, though, we've made ten pairs in this style, and will offer them for sale there. More styles will follow in the near future.

More experiments in foldformed jewelry

We’ve been trying out more intricate designs of jewelry, including these new foldformed pieces.

Field of Book Pins


This gives a close-up view of the Book Pins to show their foldformed spines. Book pins are hand formed by hammering, and held together entirely by being hammered into shape.

You can now order yourself a bookpin direct from our site!

Book Pins


A whole batch of book pins has just been finished and is set out to be lacquered here.

New foldformed bracelet styles

We don’t have a name for this style yet. David came up with this one a few days ago. My variant on it will follow soon.

spine belt buckle


Here is the foldform design we call Spine, made into a brass belt buckle. David has made buckles for decades, and they are still sold through a small group of leatherworkers in different parts of the country. This is the first regular buckle design contributed by Reed.

Rumple earrings in Silver


A pair of foldformed earrings in the style we call ‘rumple’. Most of our foldformed jewelry is made in copper, but these are Argentium sterling. They will coordinate well with the silver spine bracelet, pictures of which will be coming soon.