A New Tabard Menorah

Here is the newest Tabard Menorah in the ‘Saddle’ limited edition. This one, #7 of 20, is the first to use red copper for the tabard piece. I’ve also recently completed another menorah in a new style related to the Tabards, but bigger and bolder. I will post photos of that when I have a chance to take them.

New photos of foldformed bracelets

I’ve been taking some new pictures of foldformed bracelets to show the range of colors available.

Book Pins


A whole batch of book pins has just been finished and is set out to be lacquered here.

Foldformed ‘trilobite’


Another experiment with the ‘spine’ foldform style. I knew when I started this that it would end up looking like a trilobite, but I didn’t let that stop me, despite our usual avoidance of representational work. The folding reduces the length of this piece by nearly two thirds. The resulting piece is about 8″x10″, and hangs either vertically or horizontally. It will be hard to make larger versions of this style for larger wall hangings until we build specialized tools to make them.

Another take on the new bracelet style

Here’s my version. There is a little bit of silver flowed along the longitudinal ridge. It is oxidized grey for the most part, but minimally polished at the peak of the ridge.

New foldformed bracelet styles

We don’t have a name for this style yet. David came up with this one a few days ago. My variant on it will follow soon.

Caduceus foldformed pendant