Our ‘new’ Emmert pattern maker’s vise


Got it today from Ohmega Salvage. It looks like it might be really good for foldformed jewelry.

Brass tube for candle rings


Reed snapped this shot of today's 100# delivery of brass tube that we eventually cut into 1 inch lengths to be the candle rings on our candlesticks.

New vise


We got the new vise all cleaned up and greased and installed and built it some copper jaw covers and it's all ready to go to work.

Martin’s small vise


Fernando gave us Martin’s small(!!) vise – he says we can have the bigger one if we want, when he digs it out. 

Columbian Vise


It's made by the Columbian Hardware – Cleveland, USA – Cat. No. 205 – I haven't measured yet, but it's probably a 6" throat!

Round Vase Photo Shoot

We're making up all the colors of round vases and photographing them. Here's the setup Reed's using for the photography.

Studio Refit

We’re starting to clear up the mess in the studio and get it put back together for working [after a little more than three weeks! of work]. Jim and Esther Roitman are planning to come by tomorrow afternoon to look at wallpieces. They saw our work at Riva Cucina and are interested in maybe having a piece made.

scrap metal

We went and sold the brass and copper scrap today at CASS`Metals – they have new rules where they get your fingerprint and vehicle license and description [and 'many-colored' is not a surprising description of vehicle color to them] – and you have to come back three days later to get your money! We also went over to Paul's Urban Outlet and got some steel to make some bins to store stuff in our metal cubbies. The studio's a total mess with stuff pulled out everywhere – we've built a big new set of cabinets over the orange table and set up the earring cart qnd cleared the hammering room some and we're trying to get more ideas to get things back in better order.

studio work

We're spending our time getting ready for the Sausalito Art Festival on Labor Day weekend – even though we're only on the waitlist for the show. We've been making small wallpieces. We're also working on a new technique called fold forming and, in general, making jewelry pieces in order to apply for the shows in the jewelry category as well as the metal category.