The Eight-Hundredth Wallpiece


We just completed our Eight-hundredth wallpiece. Here it is, wallpiece 11.05 (that is, the 5th wallpiece made in 2011). It is already boxed up and on its way to be displayed at Stowe Craft & Design in Stowe, Vermont. Stowe Craft is showing several of our wallpieces at the moment.

The new piece in place


We installed the new piece in its new home on Monday.

Foldformed ‘trilobite’


Another experiment with the ‘spine’ foldform style. I knew when I started this that it would end up looking like a trilobite, but I didn’t let that stop me, despite our usual avoidance of representational work. The folding reduces the length of this piece by nearly two thirds. The resulting piece is about 8″x10″, and hangs either vertically or horizontally. It will be hard to make larger versions of this style for larger wall hangings until we build specialized tools to make them.

A new wallpiece series


The wallpiece series of six shown in its unpatinaed state back in January is finally finished. Here you can see them all standing together in the studio. Go to our site to see better pictures. We are hoping to put these up at Riva Cucina.

Wallpiece 09.15

Another new wallpiece featuring the new lapped ‘bamboo’ style construction: