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The candlesticks are fabricated from bronze rod and brass sheet and tube, and colored using patina processes normally used with bronze sculpture. They hold standard 7/8-inch candles unless otherwise noted.
Candlesticks based on rods are available in blue-green, ochre, brown, dark green, black, and silver patinas. Other types of candlestick are available in nearly all our patinas.

Triple candelabra
9-13 inches tall
other sizes on request
- $200 each
(tall silver-grey, medium brown, short dark green)
(tall black, medium ochre, short blue-green)

six colors of patinaed brass rod triple candelabrasix colors of patinaed brass rod triple candelabra with color names

five-candle rod candelabra in blue-green patinaFive-piece candelabra
heights and layouts vary - base is 6½ inches long
- $390
Seven-piece candelabra
heights and layouts vary - base is 14 inches long
- $550

Nine-piece candelabra
heights and layouts vary - base is 19 inches long
(silver patina)
- $690

Geometric candelabra
22 inches tall
(dark green)
- $600

RCB double scroll candlestick
for full-size (7/8 inch) candles: 2½-3 inches tall. Other dimensions vary.
(brown, silver brown, blue-green)
- $100 each
for Shabbat candles (¾ inch): 2-2½ inches tall, 4½-6½ inches long
(white blue-green, ochre)
- $100 each

Eccentric candlestick
1½ inches tall. discs 3½ inches diameter.
(shown in dark green and brown)
- $180 per pair