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Although they appear massive, our wallpieces are quite light weight, and can be hung on any sort of wall. Most of our wallpieces are not much heavier than a framed, glassed picture of the same size would be. Generally, wallpieces can be hung on two screws. On drywall, you will need to mount the screws in drywall anchors available at any hardware store.

Most wallpieces are designed with flanges on the back, which serve for stiffening edges, but also as hanging points. Pick two flanged locations to hang your wallpiece from. To hang a wallpiece on ordinary drywall, have one person (or two, for larger pieces) hold the piece in place. A second can check location, then level it by eye or using a level. The second person should then make two marks on the wall with a pencil, along the wallpiece edges above the flanged hanging points you've chosen. Drill for the drywall anchors ¾" below these marks (or whatever the dimension of the flange: most are ¾"), insert the anchors, and screw in the round-head hanging screws, stopping with the heads at least ¼" from the wall. Then hang the wallpiece, making certain the flanges have fit down all the way into the gap behind the screw heads. This should just cover the pencil marks.

If there are black marks on the wall where the bare brass has rubbed it, you can use a white plastic eraser to remove them, or touch up the paint if you prefer.

For a more secure mounting, we can provide you with fixtures called Z-clips on which to hang the wallpiece. If you live in earthquake country, you should use Z-clips and if possible mount them in studs or in wood panel wall rather than drywall. If you intend to mount the piece where it might be dangerous if it falls, you should have it installed by a professional. The wallpiece's installation is your responsibility and entirely at your own risk.

(This page is under construction. More information will follow.)