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The fountains are fabricated from brass sheet and colored using patina processes normally used with bronze sculpture. They come with a nifty little Italian pump with a one year warranty, and will work indoors or out.
Note: we are no longer producing fountains as a regular item. We currently (December 2011) have a few left for sale in the styles shown below.

The last Abbot Wall Fountain
approximately 10×30 inches - $462

The last Costello Wall Fountain
approximately 13×20 inches - $470

There are also a few of Reed's classic design of small tabletop fountain available:

RCB Tetra-Circle Fountain
approximately 15×13×6 inches - round is 7 inches in diameter - $300

The Aztec Temple fountain below is one-of-a-kind; it is two-sided, and the water flows down both textured surfaces.

Aztec Temple Fountain
36 inches tall
- $1200