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Patina Books

(More information on our patinas is available here)

Richard Hughes & Michael Rowe, The Colouring, Bronzing and Patination of Metals
(Crafts Council, London, 1982)
[ current edition: Watson-Guptill, New York 1991: ISBN 9780823007622 ]

The Bible of patinas. This book both caught and helped create the wave of patina use in the early 1980s. It contains recipes and illustrations of nearly every recipe, applied in different ways to different metals. Though eminently practical, it serves also as a beautiful coffee table book. It is good about discussing safety, and by policy simply avoids the most toxic patinas.    

Ronald D. Young, Contemporary Patination
(Sculpt-Nouveau, Escondido, CA, Fourth Edition 1994)
ISBN 0-9603744-1-8

Ron Young is a highly regarded source of information on patinas and patina techniques. We have not used his book as much as we use Hughes and Rowe, but it is quite useful, especially if you want pointers on more exotic techniques. This book is unfortunately out of print and increasingly hard to find.

Matthew Runfola, Patina: 300+ Coloration Effects for Jewelers and Metalsmiths
(Interweave, 2014)
ISBN 9781620331361

Matthew Runfola is the new kid on the block when it comes to patina books. The book takes advantage of modern color printing quality, is well organized, indexed, and edited, and covers a variety of patinas, including on steel, stainless steel, and silver, as well as copper and copper alloys. Many of the patinas are, or at least use, premixed commercial patinas from Birchwood Casey, or non-patina 'dye finishes' from Sculpt Nouveau, but only where it is not easy to get a similar effect with patinas one can mix from scratch. If you do not wish to use the premixed commercial patinas with their harsh ingredients, there is still a lot to get out of this book, including excellent, well-illustrated instructions on all sorts of application techniques.    

Or buy direct from us:

Michael S. Edge, The Art of Patinas for Bronze
(self published, Springfield, OR, 1990)
(reprint edition Artesia Press, 1991, ISBN 1879257009)

Michael Edge is well known in the sculpture world, and his book, though self-published before the age of cheap, high quality color printing, is very well organized and contains a lot of useful tips for people starting out in patination, in addition to a large collection of recipes. We only got this book recently, and have not worked with its recipes at all, apart from several that are found elsewhere. The original book came with an offer to send away for a collection of photos of the patinas, which we would love to find, but isn't normally included with the used copies.    

Other Patina Books

As of 2022 we've not used patinas from any of these, but have studied them and include them for reference
(see also our links page for online patina resources, and our own Patinas and Formulas pages)

Eitoku Sugimori, Japanese Patinas (2004)
ISBN 978-1929565115

Patrick V. Kipper, Patinas for Silicon Bronze (1995)
ISBN 978-0964726901

William J. Kaup, Metal Coloring and Finishing (1914)
Facsimile edtition (2016)
ISBN 978-1330558324

Charles Lewton-Brain, Patinas for Small Studios (1985)
several revised editions to 2011

Lulu paperback
Lulu eBook

Other Metalworking Books

Charles Lewton-Brain, Foldforming
(Brynmorgen Press, 2008)
ISBN 9781929565269

Some decades ago, Charles Lewton-Brain pioneered a collection of techniques for the manipulation of copper and precious metal sheet, now known as Foldforming. This book is both beautiful in itself and a thorough, clear, and generous introduction to the techniques, which has been distilled (or expanded) from Lewton-Brain's decades of teaching his craft to many, many students. It is also edited by Tim McCreight, and the result is one of the better books available for teaching metalcraft. In addition to clear and well thought out photographs and drawings illustrating the techniques, the book is filled with a great many examples of finished works created by the author and many of his students and followers over the years.    

Or buy direct from us:

Oppi Untracht, Metal Techniques for Craftsmen
(Doubleday, Garden City, NY, 1968)
ISBN 9780385030274
[ current edition: Robert Hale, London, 2002: ISBN 9780709107231 ]

Untracht's book is a classic and an important reference work: thorough and informative, with illustrations from ancient jewelry to contemporary sculpture, and good explanations. There is less in the way of step-by-step instructions for beginners, but the book is a must for anyone interested in serious jewelry or other craft work in metal. This book was important in David's early days of making jewelry.    

Tim McCreight, The Complete Metalsmith
(Davis Publications, Worcester, MA, 1982)
ISBN 0-87192-135-9

Tim McCreight is one of the best explainers of metalcrafting techniques out there. His books are hand-illustrated, and though they can occasionally seem somewhat lacking in thoroughness, they make up for it in clarity and in their friendly feel. He has several other books on other specific subjects, but this is the most basic and the only one we use regularly. This book has gone through several editions and changes of style in the years since our copy was printed, and many different versions can be found, new and used.    

Augustus F. Rose & Antonio Cirino, Jewelry Making and Design
(Dover Publications, New York, 1967)
ISBN 9780486217505

Since its original publication in 1949, this has been an important book for many beginning jewellers. David used it when he was first starting out. Dover keeps it in print.    

Publications Featuring Our Work

Blink Art Resource 2015

Blink Art Resource is a new online and paper sourcebook for designers and art consultants seeking artwork in all media. Its mission and style are similar to the old Guild sourcebooks. We are pleased to be in the premier issue, which features our wallpieces 13.04 & RCB 11.04, and pedestal table #14. (We're on page 228.)

Toni Sikes, The Artful Home: Using Art & Craft to Create Living Spaces You'll Love
(Lark Books, 2007)
ISBN 1-60059-171-6

We were pleasantly surprised to discover the prominence of our pieces included in Toni Sikes' new book. A photograph of pair of our round vases is featured on the inside front flap of the dust jacket, and again on page 135, heading the section "Collecting Artful Objects". These are the same two vases which have been offered for sale through Toni Sikes' site,, and in the Artful Home catalogs since 2006. (In 2009 we started showing a few of our wallpieces on the Artful Home site. (Click here to see the wallpieces currently available through    

The Guild Sourcebooks used to be published every year for distribution to architects, art consultants, and design professionals, featuring the work of all sorts of artists and fine craftspeople. Our work has appeared in several sourcebooks:

  • The Guild 8: The Designer's Reference Book of Artists (1993, p. 215) :: vases
  • Contemporary Crafts: The Sourcebook of Craft Artists: Gallery Edition 2 (1995, p. 46) :: symmetric winged vase
  • The Designer's Sourcebook 11: Art for the Wall, Furniture & Accessories (1996, p. 88) :: wallpieces 94.10 & 95.15
  • The Designer's Sourcebook 13: Art for the Wall, Furniture & Accessories (1998, p. 140) :: wallpieces 97.30, 97.31 & 97.34
  • The Sourcebook of Architectural & Interior Art 16 (2001, pp. 318, 382) :: wallpieces 00.08 & 00.17
  • The Sourcebook of Architectural & Interior Art 19 (2004, pp. 204, 246) :: wallpieces 03.77, 03.83 & 04.03
  • The Guild Sourcebook of Residential Art 5 (2007, pp. 263, 315) :: wallpieces 05.64, 06.04 & RCB 06.01
  • The Guild Sourcebook of Art 24 (2009, pp. 391, 446) :: wallpieces 07.21, 08.15, 08.17 & 08.18    

American Art Collector, volume 1, book 1
(Alcove Books, Berkeley, California, 2004)
ISBN 0-9721890-2-5

A juried competition of art under $5000, from artists of the western states. Wallpiece 03.13 is shown on page 152.