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David M Bowman Studio
Box 738
Berkeley, CA 94701
510 845-1072
[email protected]
[email protected]

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Information for Shops, Galleries, and Art Consultants

We are actively seeking more fine craft shops and galleries to display our work. If you are a retailer interested in buying our jewelry or table accessories, or a gallery interested in consigning our wallpieces or tables, we look forward to hearing from you. We also welcome inquiries from art consultants, regarding existing work or potential table or wallpiece commissions.

Craft shops

We welcome wholesale inquiries from craft shops anywhere across the United States. Our work has been featured at many of the country's finest craft retailers, including among many others the Guggenheim Museum Store, Zona, and the Jewish Museum Shop in New York City, the Philadelphia Museum of Art Museum Store, The Art Institute of Chicago Museum Store, The Gardener in Berkeley, and Gump's and Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco.

More information can be found on (formerly Registration at is free for retailers, or you can contact us for a visitor password. Once you're logged in, use this link to find us, or search for us by our Artist Number, 25024.

You should also feel free to contact us directly if you would like more information on joining our family of shops, including wholesale brochures and catalogs with more information than we have online (especially about jewelry). Ordinarily, we will request references from other craftspeople whose work you have represented.

Book Stores

Book stores or others looking for wholesale information specific to our book pins should click here.

Galleries interested in our wallpieces & furniture

We are always looking for galleries to represent our wallpieces and tables in new markets. We grant local exclusivity to our wallpiece galleries. If you are a gallery owner interested in showing our wallpieces, please check our list of current galleries, to be sure there is none already in your area. If you are unsure if a current gallery is too close to you, please contact us and we can discuss the matter with you and with the existing gallery.

Art Consultants

We also welcome inquiries from designers and art consultants. Every year we make several wallpieces on commission. Please note that we do not work to other people's designs, but are happy to design pieces for corporate, public, or residential spaces, working either through an art consultant, or with a client directly. For more information on commissioning a wallpiece, click here.

David M Bowman Studio

David and Reed Bowman :: PO Box 738, Berkeley, CA 94701 :: 510 845-1072

[email protected] :: [email protected]