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Foldformed Book Pins

Jewelry for Bibliophiles

Photograph of two handmade brass and copper book pins
Book pins are individually hand-wrought in brass and copper. Every one is unique. The pages are copper, colored with heat. The covers are brass, for strength, burnished to frame and set off the color of the pages. 'Text' of the books is hand-scribed into the metal (but no, it doesn't actually say anything). You can specify Red, Red-orange, Orange, Brown, or Black when ordering, but please note that the colors are highly variable. Click on the photo at right to see examples of the colors. You can also ask for "Something Interesting" to get a pin of a pattern that doesn't fit into our normal color categories. The pins are approximately 1 inch high, 1¼ to 1½ inches wide (2.5 by 3-4 cm).

Book pins can be ordered direct from us through our Etsy shop

$50 each
Use the Buy Now button below to order a book pin for shipment to a US address. For larger quantity orders, contact us. USPS First Class Mail postage is $2.50 on single pin orders. California residents will be charged 10.25% sales tax.

Please contact us for more information, to order more than one book pin, or to request a brochure.