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Handmade Solid Brass Belt Buckles

Information for leatherworkers and retailers

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Photograph of several styles of brass belt buckles with retail prices

(Retail prices shown above)

Belt buckles and belts are a natural collaboration between two artisans of different media. While we sell our buckles by themselves sometimes, and once upon a time made fairly plain belts to go with them, we have always preferred to sell to leatherworkers who can make and fit belts for customers. As long as David continues making his buckles, we will be glad to take orders from old or new leatherworkers.

If you are in direct competition with any of our current leatherworkers please talk to us first. We will talk with them before taking your order. We have had long relationships with these craftspeople and will consider their interests first.

For a first order, the minimum is 12 buckles. You may mix and match all styles and sizes. We currently make four sizes (based on belt width): 1", 1¼, 1½, and 1¾. The two largest sizes cost more than the smaller sizes. Most buckle orders ship within 3-4 weeks, and sometimes less when we are not too busy.

For a first order, we will ask for payment up front, by check, or by PayPal or credit card with an extra fee. If you provide us with references of other craftspeople you have dealt with before, we may be able to start on a Net 30 basis. Call us at 510 845-1072 or e-mail at [email protected] for more information on wholesale prices. Shipping is by UPS or USPS at our discretion, and we charge actual postage costs + insurance + $5 per order for handling.

Current buckle designs ::About older buckles :: Find leatherworkers who sell our buckles :: Contact us

From time to time we make buckles (including some older styles) available through our Etsy shop or our Artfire store.