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Menorahs (Chanukiahs)

David M Bowman Studio

Elegant, modern menorahs in patinaed brass.
Designed and hand made in Berkeley, California by David M Bowman and his son Reed.
Scroll down to see and order our menorahs directly, or contact us with any questions.

RCB Tabard Menorah
'Saddle': limited edition of twenty

2¼×11½×1¾ inches - $330
The Tabard Menorah will be made in a series of limited editions, with the same basic construction, but with different cut shapes and decorations.
Click here to order or for more information on Tabard Menorah editions.

Airplane Menorah - 4×18 inches - $360
(shown in brown and silver-grey)

Cantilever Menorah - 5×13 inches - $360
(shown in ochre)

Copper inset menorah - 3¼×18 inches - $800
(shown in brown with hammered red copper inset)

Triangle menorah - 4¾×16×3¼ inches - $640
(shown in dark green and blue-green)

Vee menorah - 4½×17×3 inches - $520
(shown in ochre and brown)

RCB Bowed menorah - 3×15×4 inches - $400
(shown in brown)