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Apple Green is currently the only simple cold application patina we use. The solution is mixed, brushed heavily all over the cold metal (to make a puddle over the whole surface) and allowed to stand. Over the next few days as it dries the patina is brushed on again. When the first layer or two dry, they form an ugly powdery greenish coating like dried toothpaste. After a few days, and usually three or more applications, the upper layer of this powder can be brushed or rinsed off very gently, to reveal a varied green and blue-green coating over most of the surface, with a stable tarnished-bronze color in the gaps. It is not very controllable, but the results are almost always pleasing.

For a variation on dark green patina, a layer of liver of sulphur black can be applied with care over the dried apple green surface. This tends to produce some flaking and can be difficult, but will sometimes yield interesting textures.