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Blue-green & White Blue-green

Brown & White Brown

Dark Green & Black

Ochre, White Ochre, & Black Ochre

Grey, Silver, Silver Brown, & Stone Grey

Mottle, Burnt Mottle, & Brown Mottle

Spray Blue-black

Apple Green

Pigmented Blue & Antique Blue

Flame colored copper

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Patina Sample Book

If you are interested in commissioning a wallpiece from us and want a clearer idea of the true look and feel of the patinas than can be obtained from photographs, we can send you a booklet containing 19 brass swatches of our most common patinas. The patinas represented are blue-green, white blue-green, dark green, black, ochre, white ochre, black ochre, spray blue-black (robin's egg and Turkish stone), red copper, brown copper, grey, silver, silver-brown, brown, mottle, burnt mottle (2 different samples), and brown mottle. The samples are only two inches square, so it is still best to see a wallpiece in a gallery to get an idea of the look of the patinas in larger areas, as well as the feel of the depth of the pieces.

The sample book costs $50, which includes UPS Ground shipping in the continental US. That cost can be applied to your first wallpiece order, or if you wish to send the book back, we will refund you $40 when it is returned. If you need samples faster than by UPS ground, and if we have them on hand at the time, we can ship them by two-day or next-day air; the extra shipping costs for this express service may be considerable, and will not be refunded or applied to any wallpiece sale.

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