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Spray Blue-Black is similar in application to the brushed torch technique patinas, except that, as its name implies, it is sprayed onto the heated metal, rather than brushed. It is a two-part patina, the two solutions being mixed together in the spray bottle just prior to application. As the patina is layered on, and as each layer is dried and made to react with the metal by heating and reheating with the torch, the color begins to come up as a robin's-egg blue. Anything from a slightly variegated sky blue to a color hard to distinguish from the brushed bluegreen can easily be obtained. To make the more engaging marbled effects with blue, black and white, however, the layered blue is lightly burnt with the torch and instantly dosed again—another squirt of patina is sprayed onto the overheated area. Building this up over the piece can create subtle veinings or dramatic marbled surfaces reminiscent of the paper marbling effect known as Turkish Stone.

Starting with wallpiece RCB 05.05 we've used spray blue-black as a base to create a more dramatically variegated version of our silver or grey patina, which we call Stone Grey.