Potter Creek Neighborhood Association Executive Committee

Elected at the meeting in April 2010


  • Co-chair: Barbara Bowman::coChairBarbara@pottercreek.org
  • Co-chair: David Snipper::coChairDavid@pottercreek.org
  • Secretary/Recorder: David Bowman::secretary@pottercreek.org
  • Treasurer: Sarah Klise::treasurer@pottercreek.org

    Committee Chairs

  • Membership: Joan Marie Passalacqua::membership@pottercreek.org
  • Public Safety: Kerstin Fischer::publicsafety@pottercreek.org
  • Public Service/Social: Karen Steeber::publicservice@pottercreek.org

    Please see the bylaws [Article 7] for the duties of the executive committee members.

    Potter Creek Neighborhood - Updated 29 August 2010