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Slab Vases

Slab vases are ideal for small to medium flower arrangements.

Currently, we are making them in three sizes:

(Shown at right: white ochre large slab, black ochre medium slab and white blue-green small slab. Click photos for larger versions.)

The vases are formed from two brass sheets hammered into a simple arching curve, set opposing one another, with narrow sides textured with flowed bronze. They are tested for water-tightness. The vases are then patinaed with traditional sculptural patinas which we mix from scratch. Most patinas are applied with a brush while heating the metal with an oxy-acetylene torch. Many are layered to provide deeper, more complex colors.

Slab vases are currently available in the following patinas, representing nearly all of our standard colors:

blue-green, white blue-green,
dark green, black,
ochre, white ochre, black ochre,
brown, white brown,
grey, silver, silver brown, silver blue-green,
mottle, burnt mottle, brown mottle,
spray blue black (robin's egg or Turkish stone), stone grey,
pigmented blue, antique blue, tricolor

In Spring 2010, at the suggestion of one of our gallery owners, Brian Farrell, we tried using the square-in-square patina pattern from our modular wallpieces. The result is stunning, and we will offer these, in many variations of color pattern, in future: