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Commissioning a Wallpiece

Each year we produce dozens of unique new wallpieces, most of which are sold at galleries around the country. In addition, we work with designers, art consultants, galleries, and individuals to create wallpieces tailored to particular spaces, indoors or out, for private homes or for corporate locations.

Check to see if there is a gallery near you showing our wallpieces. If so, please contact them, and go to see the pieces they have in stock. It is best to see the wallpieces in person to get an idea of their colors and depth. Normally, if you have a gallery local to you, we will refer you to them, and work with you through or in concert with that gallery; all payment will go through them. You will not get a lower price by contacting us directly, but you should feel free to do so with any inquiries.

e-mail: [email protected] | phone: 510 845-1072

The Space

We will first need a description of the space: it is best if you can provide both a sketch of the space with measurements and a photograph. In any case it is essential to let us know both the size of the space and the approximate dimensions of the wallpiece you would like in it. You should also let us know about any special features or problems with the location, such as, if it is outdoors, or if the wall is of unusual composition. (Note: the wallpieces are deceptively light weight, and can be hung on normal drywall without trouble.)

The Design

You should look at the wallpieces at your local gallery or under "Portfolio" on our main site, and let us know which pieces interest you, and why. The more detail you can provide about what appeals to you (or fails to) in a given piece, the better. If you are interested in buying a particular piece we already made, and it is not listed on the site as sold, please contact the gallery where it is showing, or take a note of the wallpiece's number and contact us. Note that we never duplicate a design precisely, though we will of course take into account any strong interest in an older wallpiece when designing a new one.

Generally within a week or two of receiving information on your space and your preferences, David will make two or three preliminary line sketches of possible wallpiece designs. These can be posted to the web, or if you wish, e-mailed, faxed or mailed to you for your consideration. At this point you should choose the sketch which mosts interests you, or discuss other options with David. He will then produce a final design and a price estimate. If you wish, we can produce a sketchy computer rendering of the final piece to give a general idea of the colors. Keep in mind that the computer representations of the colors will always be poor, and in any case most of the patinas are quite variable. If you have sent us a picture of the wall location for the piece, we can even digitally superimpose the piece in place on the wall. For a better idea of the colors under discussion, you or your designer can get a booklet of our patina samples, though these are not necessarily available on short notice.

The Price

Each preliminary sketch will include a price estimate, usually as a range. In order to proceed on the selected design, we usually ask for a deposit of approximately 25% of the estimated price. Once we have received this, we will begin to build the piece. When it is built, we will send a photograph and the final quote. The wallpiece will be sent on receipt of the balance.


The parts are laid out on a flat sheet of brass, which is then cut and folded. Each part is brazed and sanded smooth. Then the piece is assembled for the first time, given a means of hanging on the wall, then disassembled for patination. Patinas and other finishes are applied by various means, and the piece is reassembled.


We will send you a picture of the completed piece, and its final price. Once we have received payment of the balance, we will ship your wallpiece. Most pieces will have to be partially disassembled for shipment by UPS, so you will normally have to do some simple reassembly requiring minimal tools, and then hang your wallpiece in place.


Our wallpieces require minimal care. Over the course of years their patinas may alter somewhat, especially outdoors, but barring exceptional weather conditions, this change generally enriches and mellows the colors rather than defacing them.

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