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Wallpiece 03.32 was sold at National Wall Art Gallery

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Wallpiece 03.32  52×52 inches


This wallpiece was borrowed from the National Wall Art Gallery in Tampa for use on the set of the film The Punisher (2004). It was used twice, in two different configurations, showing the versatility of the piece. Unfortunately, it was not terribly prominent or well lit in either of the places it was used.

The piece is first seen arranged in a grid, in the office of Howard Saint (John Travolta), upstairs at the Saints and Sinners nightclub. It is on the wall here behind Quentin Glass (Will Patton). The nightclub main floor and exterior was built in a Tampa bank, whose architecture and decor is all grids of squares, often with cross-shaped gaps between, so this piece was a natural, and in fact served to accentuate the link between the setup in the bank and the set of the private office upstairs, which was a constructed set built to match on another location.

Only in one of the deleted scenes on the DVD version can one of the parts of the piece be seen on the wall at the nightclub, during the nightclub dance sequence. It's on the far left of the screen. More of the square grid patterns of the nightclub/bank are visible in this picture.

Saint walks past the piece in its linear arrangement on his way back through the darkened club to meet with a group of hit men. Only three of the panels are visible from this angle.

Then in the final sequence of the movie, Saint, in escaping the nightclub, emerges from the elevator and again runs past the wallpiece, showing all four parts in a line, though of course still in the dark.

Above film screenshots are copyright Lion's Gate Films, Inc., and are used here for review purposes under fair use provisions of copyright law.

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