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Wallpiece 07.02 is showing at The Art Company

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The Art Company

700 Pete Rose Way
Cincinnati, OH 45203
513 651-5092


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Wallpiece 07.02  12×40×1.5 inches

This is the first in a series of modular wallpieces. They are constructed more simply (and therefore less expensively), with open sides instead of fully enclosed boxes, and each panel is hung as a separate item. The individual panels are light enough to hang on two finish nails in drywall, or you can use hangers we provide. Though in future most of these pieces will be sold as individual panels and small sets to mix and match and rearrange for yourself on the wall, some will be sold as composed wallpieces, though still with extra parts which can be traded out for parts of the wallpiece, the extra pieces being useable as their own compositions on another wall. This way, you can change and rearrange the wallpiece as you wish, and even invent your own compositions entirely. Instructions on hanging will be included with the piece.

Other Views of the Piece

Four extra pieces which can be used in the piece or on their own as a small matrix.

A second arrangement of the piece with two small squares substituted for the originals.

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