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Wallpiece 07.27 was sold at DMB Studio

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DMB Studio

Box 738
Berkeley, CA 94701
510 845-1072


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Wallpiece 07.27  31×49×12 inches


This piece is the first experiment with a new manner of collaboration between David and Reed. Ordinarily, wallpieces are designed completely by David, in detail, with most or all of the construction and patination done by Reed, to David's specifications. We discussed the idea of Reed working directly from the original sketch in some cases, to add more of his own creative input to the final piece, and at the same time to free the designs from being fit into what was known to be easy to build. The new style of collaboration should allow us to experiment more freely at both ends of the process. Below is David's preliminary sketch. This piece demanded that those sharp angles and strange stacking be accentuated, not made easier and flatter. The result is a radical composition with far more depth (over 11 inches from the wall) than is normal for our work.

preliminary sketch for wallpiece 07.27

Other Views of the Piece

An oblique detail shot of wallpiece 07.27, showing a bit of the complexity of the piece's composition as seen from the side.

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