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Wallpiece 97.19 was commissioned through GJ Cloninger and Co.

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GJ Cloninger and Co.

39 East Hanover Avenue
Morris Plains, NJ 07950
973 540-1195


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Wallpiece 97.19  78×133 inches


Wallpiece 97.19 is the main part of a larger wallpiece, designed for a three-story corporate atrium wall in New Jersey. The client wished a piece that would occupy a large area, but a piece actually filling that area would have exceeded their budget and schedule and would probably have beyond our studio's reasonable capacity. The solution was a large central piece with four outliers to frame the space.

We built two of the outlier pieces as samples for the client to see before finally committing to the commission, so we numbered them in the normal sequence of wallpieces, in case they should come back and need to be sold separately. The outlying frame pieces are numbered 97.13 (top left), 97.14 (top right), 97.17 (bottom left), and 97.18 (bottom right).

The central piece itself was far too large to ship or to handle in our studio as a unit, so it was constructed as four or five separate parts, to be shipped separately and hung individually, though touching one another.

Below are pictures of the piece in place:

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