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Wallpiece RCB07.01 was sold at North Bay Gallery

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North Bay Gallery

6525 Washington St
Yountville, CA 94599
707 945-0145

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Wallpiece RCB07.01  36×47×??? inches


This wallpiece is a departure in more ways than one. I had sketched one similar design a year or two ago, but had not yet made it. I also had the idea of using some of the triangular pieces left lying around after being rejected from other wallpieces. I decided to start using these, but instead of trying to make a design on paper, I built my design on the fly, taking pieces as I found them, or as I could make them out of our more unusually shaped pieces of scrap. I assembled them as I came to them, and only late in the process did I lay the partially assembled piece down on a large sheet of cardboard, and sketch in possibilities around it, full size. I continued to compose this way - the proper word is probably 'jam' - until the shape achieved some degree of balance and interest, then completed the balance by selecting colors. I intend to do more in this style - the explosion or shattered-window style, and also the improvisational manner of composition. Informally, I call this piece 'shatter jam', or 'shatter jam #1'.

Other Views of the Piece

The piece hangs in any direction. This is my second favorite (so far).

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