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Wallpiece RCB94.01 was sold at DMB Studio

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Wallpiece RCB94.01  12×26 inches


After I began taking over much of the construction of the wallpieces David designs, I decided to make one of my own, to incorporate and display a Celtic knot. I have drawn Celtic knots since I was a teenager, as my primary form of doodling. I etched away the background to leave the knot raised, so that I could patina the surface, then sand away the patina from the knot itself, giving it contrast and a somewhat rustic look.

One client liked this wallpiece enough to commission a larger version, wallpiece 98.37, which David designed, and for which I designed, etched, and relieved a new knotwork panel.

I intend to do more knotwork pieces in the future, always designing each knot from scratch.

In 2005 I returned to etched knotwork, first with wallpiece RCB 05.06 and then with my new pedestal tables. —RCB

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