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Susan Cloninger

Design concepts for party room wall 2017-18

Further sketches based on double round sketch at top of previous page. Very preliminary new directions. Background represents 9'6" x 6'9" wall. Horizontal hairlines at approximately 4 feet and 5'6" or so, a high eyeline.

This is the basic idea with a bundle of tubes (and/or some rods) reminiscent of RCB 11.03. At this scale, the rods have to extend past the edges of the large (~38") round to hide a necessary seam. This would also be true if I scaled it up to have a single 45" plus round.

Other ways to incorporate seams as design elements. This and the next one are intended to be lapped pieces like RCB 15.01.

I am imagining these crossed seams as rough seams imitating the one on RCB 11.03. Not sure how well that would work physically. Would need an experiment.

A first couple of sketches based on the idea of using Calla-like wrapped copper pieces. I like the general idea, but this is going in a very different direction, and I'm not sure how to elaborate on this.

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