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David M Bowman Studio - Home

Keevan table sketches

Here are the three orthogonal views of the table in the proportions we were talking about: 12"x28" top, about 36" tall. The base tapers from 11"x27" to 8"x24". The inset top is very narrow, only 4" wide, 20" long.

A 3D perspective rendering, since I'm teaching myself 3D CAD design. Shows you what the proportions look like.

One thought we talked about for breaking up the front: make it three pieces but still all the same color. More ideas follow.

Some of these designs could have multiple colors in the front panel as well, though they'd work fine with multiple pieces of the same color.

This is another possibility: having a small piece or pieces mounted on the surface. More in this vein follow.

This is intended to have an insert in it like this piece (scroll down for closeups to see what's going on). But another possibility would be a folded tab on the surface like the squares on this one.

I envision this one also as an insert like above, but it could also be a piece placed on the surface at the join between two other parts.

I'm not sure yet about the proportions, but in this the textured line is intended to represent the melted edge of a piece of metal inserted between two panels like the upper horizontal line in the wallpiece linked above. Another possibility, though significantly more expensive, would be to insert a 'rumpled' copper strip, the way we did in this piece.

Finally, you liked the idea of the copper patchwork table front I made for this table. That patchwork front would be incredibly expensive if I did the whole thing. But a section like this would not be quite so bad. Not cheap, still, but not as crazy.

David M Bowman Studio - Home

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