Arts 4 Architecture - Sketches for Dental Reception

approximately 20x42 inches

RCB first sketches

Half-scrap variants 1, 2

Edge scrap variants 3, 4, 5.
Note: 5 could be done as an ordinary scrap section, with holes through and all, but I see 3 and 4 as being applied to the surface of the round, at least at the edge of the scrap section, for a slightly different look.

Pie Slice scrap variants 6, 7

More extreme variants 8, 9
Note on all of the above: The second-largest partial round in all of these could be done concave (as indicated by the shading in the original sketch), or it could be done convex like the others. #8 should probably be both pieces convex (though not necessarily), but on the others I can see them either way, though the middle of 3 being concave makes it possible to assemble it a little more easily and with less depth off the wall. It is even possible to reverse all that, and make the largest and smallest concave, with the middle one convex, though I have not thought much about that version.




DMB initial sketches:

Sketch 1

Sketch 2

Sketch 3

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