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Christmas Ornaments

A revived design from many years back, updated with our current colors. Patinaed brass and copper. Triangle is 3" high, 2" across the base. Handmade brass hangers. Available on our Etsy shop.

stylized Christmas tree shaped flat ornaments in 8 patina colors

Two styles are available, and eight colors (and occasionally more). The serrated-edge Tree design is $16. The simple triangle—or Abstract Tree—design is $10. Either style is available in ochre, blue-green, red copper, dark green, silver patina, pigmented blue, spray blue-black, and cold patina blue/green.

Red ornaments will vary greatly in color and pattern. Normally, one side will have bolder red colors and black, while the other has more orange, peach, brown, and bare copper colors, and a more pronounced pattern. (Photo pairs below show the two sides of the same ornament.) They can also be made with blue-green or silver patina on the reverse.