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Wallpiece 08.24 is showing at Hillcrest Designer Jewelry

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Hillcrest Designer Jewelry

3000 Kavanaugh Blvd
Little Rock, AR 72205
501 246-3655


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Wallpiece 08.24  20×29 inches

This piece is a more collaborative design than most. Ordinarily, wallpieces are designed completely by David, with most or all of the construction and patination done by Reed, to David's specifications. In this case, the design was collaborative. David hammered the face for a modular wallpiece, but it took up too much of the sheet of copper, and could not be folded to size. So he flattened it and put it on the mottled green backing piece shown. The proportions were not interesting enough that way, though, so the piece sat around the studio for several months. Then Reed thought of putting the whole piece on a large backing piece. The final design was a result of further experiments and thought between the two of us.

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