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Reed C Bowman bio - 2005

I have worked for my father, David M Bowman, on his brass designs since I was four years old. After graduating in History from the University of California at Berkeley in 1993, I have worked at the studio full time, except for a year I took off to take a Master's Degree in Medieval Studies at the University of York in England.

Although the majority of my interests are focused in the world of academia and of words, I cannot imagine not working with my hands. Archeological study of artifacts has always been integral to my study of history, and though I enjoy writing and even editing, the physical craft of making books - right down to setting lead type - is also a passion. I have studied and practiced calligraphy, especially in the medieval modes, and have done bookbinding by hand following the full medieval technique. I have long been interested in book conservation, as well as museum conservation of other artifacts. I have also studied, in a small way, the more modern book arts: book design, printing, and modern binding. Someday I hope to own a press and produce fine press books.

My study of historical books and objects has informed my own designs, though our medium has left me small scope for this, and pushed me into a more modern mode. I have learned a great deal in this mode by executing, often from start to finish, my father's designs. Beyond this, however, many of my designs arise from realization of possibilities of engineering or construction that David has not pursued, or as experiments to see if certain new directions can be made to work. I try to avoid designs that I find too similar to his style or established patterns.

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