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Handmade Solid Brass Belt Buckles

Who sells them (and who used to)

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For a few years David and Barbara made belts to go with their buckles, but it was never their forte, and we have always sold them primarily through leatherworkers and leather shops or let people find their own belts for our buckles. Here are the few current leatherworkers still selling belts with our buckles, and a decidedly incomplete list of some of the past major sellers, in case their old customers may be searching for more information about the buckles.

Where to find our buckles now

  • Richard Davis: Adirondack Designs, Santa Rosa, CA ::
  • Ron Swanberg: Hillsboro, WV
  • Paul Taylor Sandals, Asheville, NC ::
  • Max Whitley: Easy Street Leather, Pink Hill, NC ::
  • Robert Zarcone: Studio Z Leather, Moodus, CT ::
  • from us:
  • Where you might once have found our buckles

  • From us directly. We have done the American Craft Council shows, and in the '70s and '80s showed buckles at many other craft fairs around Northern California, and a few in other parts of the country, including Harpers Ferry, WV, which was the first fair David and Barbara (and Reed as a baby) attended. Custom boat buckles were advertised in sailing magazines as well for a time.
  • Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley. "The Street," as it's known, has always had a colorful community of vendors. In the '70s and '80s, it was almost all craftworkers, and many leatherworkers were there regularly. Several bought our buckles over the years to sell on their belts, and some continued to do so when their businesses moved up or away off the Street. These included Dave Brown, Mishka ____, Tom Kahan, Terry Torbone, Jim Stinnett, Ron ____, Gary Robinson, Bill Hughson, Wes Garcia, David Lippenberger, and Claudia Levin. Claudia lasted the longest, but hasn't been selling on the Street for a few years now.
  • Other leatherworkers around the country who were regular buckle customers and retailers included James Rogers and David Carty in Oakland, Jan Etre in Berkeley, Rex Clements of Rio Nido, CA (till his death in 2010), and Richard Yates in Venice, CA and then in Canada
  • Shops which sold David's buckles included Foxfire in San Francisco, CA; Ward and Eis in Petoskey, MI; Ancient Foot in Palo Alto, CA; and Brother Gambit in East Lansing, MI (no longer doing leatherwork, but still in business and selling our larger work as Mackerel Sky).

  • Current buckle designs :: About older buckles :: Wholesale info for leatherworkers :: Contact us

    From time to time we make buckles (including some older styles) available through our Etsy shop.