Menorah time

It’s that menorah time of year again. We’ve been making menorahs for our shops, which gives us an opportunity to show a set of different colors of Cantilever menorahs together, and a new color of Tabard menorah, with a red copper bar:

4 cantilever menorahs - lg

tabard menorah 10 - under construction - red bar - lg

tabard menorah 10 - under construction - lg

tabard menorah 10 - lg

tabard menorah 10 - candles - lg

A New Tabard Menorah

Here is the newest Tabard Menorah in the ‘Saddle’ limited edition. This one, #7 of 20, is the first to use red copper for the tabard piece. I’ve also recently completed another menorah in a new style related to the Tabards, but bigger and bolder. I will post photos of that when I have a chance to take them.