the show at American Steel Studios last weekend

We had a great time at the show at American Steel this past weekend.

Art + Industry Show at American Steel Galleries - May 2013

Art + Industry Show at American Steel Galleries – May 2013

First wallpiece of the year! First wallpiece from the temporary studio space at American Steel Studios!

We have a number of reasons to be pleased to announce our first wallpiece of the year!

First and foremost, we’re happy with the way the piece turned out. It’s an unusual piece for us, symbolic of our transition from our old studio of 25 years into a temporary space at American Steel Studios in West Oakland. The central piece is something that I made years ago before I hit upon the idea of assembling the wallpieces by bolting together individual pieces that were patinaed separately.wp1301wordpress¬†Also, it’s the first wallpiece we’ve finished in our new temporary studio space at American Steel Studios. That means that our temporary space is nearly fully functional after three hectic months of moving and building and setting up operations. (As you can well imagine, moving out of a space you have occupied for 25 years is not the easiest task.)

Finally, we’ve put it up on display at Riva Cucina while moving some other wallpieces around there. If you haven’t eaten at Riva Cucina yet, you should!

First wallpiece of 2012



fabricated and assembled - waiting to patina

We’ve started on our first wallpiece this year at the request of Stowe Craft Design Gallery. If they like the finished piece we’ll be sending it off to Vermont next week.

The Eight-Hundredth Wallpiece


We just completed our Eight-hundredth wallpiece. Here it is, wallpiece 11.05 (that is, the 5th wallpiece made in 2011). It is already boxed up and on its way to be displayed at Stowe Craft & Design in Stowe, Vermont. Stowe Craft is showing several of our wallpieces at the moment.

The latest wallpiece sold.

The latest wallpiece [an oldie, but a goodie] was sold by Earthenworks in Washington State.

The new piece in place


We installed the new piece in its new home on Monday.


Here is the new wallpiece awaiting final cleaning to be ready for patination. It’s big.