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Blue-green & White Blue-green

Brown & White Brown

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Apple Green

Pigmented Blue & Antique Blue

Flame colored copper

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Brown is the most traditional patina we use. It is a very old formula, which is used on bronze statues to give a rich, deep, smooth brown lustre. Like most of our patinas it is applied using the torch technique, brushed on while the metal is heated just to the boiling point of the thin solution, to achieve instant adhesion and reaction with the surface of the brass. Brown is a very transparent patina, so it must be built up on the surface in many layers to achieve any very noticeable color. Brown is highly controllable, and extremely consistent in color. During the slow application, the effect can be altered greatly by control of brushstroke.

Being transparent, brown lends itself to layering over other patinas: we use it as the second layer in ochre and the middle layer of white ochre and black ochre. It is also layered over silver patina, with which it interacts to create silver brown.